Weddings at The Merchant Hotel Belfast

Charlie & Sharon – Our Wedding Day

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Charlie & Sharon’s Unforgettable Wedding: A Celebration in Belfast’s Merchant Hotel

Love has a way of weaving together beautiful stories, and the tale of Charlie and Sharon is no exception. On a splendid summer day, Belfast City Hall became the backdrop for their heartwarming union. Joined by family and friends, they embarked on a journey filled with love, laughter, and unforgettable moments.

The celebration continued at the exquisite Merchant Hotel, where elegance and joy filled the air. Let’s relive the magic of Charlie and Sharon’s amazing wedding in the photographs below, as they captured precious memories in Belfast’s City Hall and Cathedral Quarter, and even had time for a quick ice cream at Mackles!

A Picture-Perfect Venue: Belfast City Hall

Belfast City Hall, a majestic Victorian building located in the heart of the city, served as the enchanting setting for Charlie and Sharon’s ceremony. The grandeur of the architecture and the elegance of the surroundings provided an exquisite backdrop for their vows. As the couple exchanged heartfelt promises, the sunlight poured through the stained glass windows, filling the room with a warm and ethereal glow.

Capturing the Essence of Love: The Cathedral Quarter

After their vows, the newlyweds and their bridal party took to the charming streets of Belfast’s Cathedral Quarter. Known for its vibrant atmosphere and artistic flair, this historic district provided a picturesque backdrop for capturing candid moments of joy and celebration. Against the backdrop of cobblestone streets and colorful murals, the love between Charlie and Sharon radiated. From playful candid shots to intimate moments of stolen glances, the Cathedral Quarter’s artistic charm made for an enchanting photo session for the happy couple.

Celebrating in Grand Style: The Merchant Hotel

As the sun began to set, Charlie and Sharon’s wedding party made their way from the cocktail bar on the rooftop to the stunning Merchant Hotel Reception Rooms. With its luxurious interiors and impeccable service, the hotel created an ambiance of elegance and sophistication. From the moment guests stepped through the doors, they were greeted with warmth and treated to an evening of indulgence. The beautifully decorated ballroom, adorned with stunning flowers from floral earth and twinkling lights, set the stage for an evening of joyous celebration. As the night unfolded, heartfelt speeches, laughter, and dancing filled the air, creating memories that would be cherished for a lifetime.

Big thanks to Charlie & Sharon for letting us be a part of their most special day.