FAQ’s Frequently Asked Questions

Our Frequently Asked Questions for your Wedding Photographer & Videographer Section below give you some useful hints and tips on what to ask your wedding photographer or videographer before you book!  With each one of the questions below we have also answered the questions from our own Emd Media Perspective….

Do you have my date available?

As soon as you make contact Emd checks to see if the date is available and if not we can refer you onto one of our colleagues who provide an excellent service which is similar in price and style to our own.

How long have you been working as a wedding photographer?

We started out in the wedding industry in 2005 providing photographic and video services to brides and grooms.

How many weddings do you shoot a year?

We limit the number of weddings that we do in a year to 40.  We do this for 2 reasons.  40 Weddings provides us with enough income to support ourselves and our family.  It also allows us to invest in our business each year to keep up with the latest technology and modern trends in the industry.

Can I see some full wedding albums?

Are all the images yours? How recent are they?  100%.  Yes, yes, yes!  In fact we would prefer you to see the quality of our albums and photographs in comparison to all other photographers out there.  We think you’ll be impressed. – All images shot are our own and updated albums are on show every year to show the latest styles and trends.  Our advice is ask your photographer to see a number of complete albums rather than a montage of their “best” images from a years worth of weddings.  Also ask to see a wedding shot on a rainy day!   When the weather is inclement and the location isn’t ideal you need a photographer who can work under pressure, inside and still be creative!

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Have you worked at our venue before?

If not, will you visit beforehand?  The truth is that it is very likely we have worked at your wedding venue before.  However if it is a new venue or one we haven’t came across be assured we will visit this venue before your wedding day to get the very best angles and locations for your dream day.  We would normally do this between 7 and 10 days before the wedding so that we have a better understanding of exactly where the light is at that time of year and also the colours on display florally and aesthetically.

Have you photographed a wedding of a similar size to ours before?

We have photographed weddings from a simple Bride Groom and 2 Witnesses to weddings with over 400 guests and large bridal parties with 7 or more bridesmaids etc..

What about the clergy and religious ceremonies?

We have worked with clergy of all denominations.  Some of whom are a complete delight to work with and really make the photographer and videographer feel welcome along with the guests and bridal party.   We have also worked with those few who create problems and hurdles at every step of the way for both the bride, groom and wedding vendors.   We feel it is very important for you to have the discussion early with your clergy / celebrant etc to make sure you get what you want from your day.  It is after all YOUR day.  If you don’t get what you want you may be able to ask for another member of the parish to marry you on the day or indeed move the venue altogether or what many couples are doing – get married in the reception venue.

What wedding packages do you offer?

We offer photo – video – combos of both – wedding albums and engagement shoots.  So there is plenty of choice for you.  We also offer a number of packages to suit your budget.

How much do you cost?

Ok so the one question that is very important to everyone – First thing is that we are not cheap.  We are also not extortionate in pricing!  We offer an excellent quality service and set of products which we believe are the best in the business.  We price accordingly.  Photography packages start from £1200 and Video Packages from £1000.  Combined Photography & Videography packages can be acquired from £1999.  We understand that these prices may be outside some couples set budgets and this is completely fine.  That is why we are honest and transparent on our site and provide all the prices without hiding any extras.  If you are a bride / groom who want the very best memories from your day and wish to have an excellent product and great images then we are the company for you.  We are there from 10am until after 1st 3 dances or later so you get the best coverage.

What information do you need from us before the wedding day?

If you would like to book we send across a short series of questions that allow us to gather together the info we need for the day.  Dates, Times, Names, Contact and Ceremony / Reception Location details etc.  We then have a wedding pre consultation by phone or in person.  It sounds very formal but it is really a brief chat to help us understand exactly what you want from your wedding day.  We go over the shots you need and the families you want included. We work out how much time you have left aside for photos and what we can get done in that time so that you can enjoy both your wedding day, time with your guests to mingle but at the same time get all the pics you require.

How long do wee need to leave for photos?

The big question!  If you want a great album and video we would suggest 1.5 hours of photos to include couple shoot, bridal part shoot and all family photos.  The more time you give us the more we can do for you.  For example if you want drone footage with your video then give us a couple of hours.  Here is a very rough guide…..  2 Hours – Very best for Wedding Photos Video & Drone.  – 1.5 Hours – Great for most couples. – 1 Hour – Possible if you don’t have large families or don’t want group shots etc.  – Less than 1 Hour – We are not the photographers for you.  Probably better booking somebody else.  We don’t want you wasting your money.

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How would this fit into our day?

Here is an idea of how a perfect wedding day normally runs. – 10am We Arrive for Bridal Preprations with Bride Ready for Photos – 11:30 Ceremony Location Photo / Film Boys & Guests on arrival.  – 12:30 Bride Arrives with Bridesmaids and Ceremony Begins. – 13:30 Travel to Venue / Canapes on Arrival Etc Etc – 14:30 Photo  /  Video Session – 16:00 Mingle with Guests before final group shot and entry to Reception – 16:45 Speeches – 17:30 Meal – 19:30 Freshen Up as Band / DJ Sets Up for First Dances – 20:30 First Dances – 22:00 Buffet – Times normally shortened or lengthened depending on the amount of travel involved.  For example if you are travelling from church to hotel that is 10 mins away or 2 hours away!  – Having shot over 1000 weddings we find the above timings to be just great.  You give your guests time to get to get to the ceremony location and venue without a very early start and more importantly at each stage throughout the day you the bride are enjoying your time and not rushed.

Any deadlines for times of service / ceremony?

We follow your instructions but would highly recommend weddings after mid October to start no later than 12noon due to the light available until Mid march.   Summer weddings no later than 1:30.  We tend to find that weddings at 2:30 or 3pm tend to be rushed and over in a flash with brides wishing that they had got married earlier so they could enjoy their day more with their guests and not be limited by the time constraints set by hotels.

How would you describe your photography style?

Fun, relaxed and unobtrusive but professional with exceptional eye for detail and organisation.  We will cover your entire day they way you want it.  Our pre consultation will get everything covered and in place for the day.

Can I speak to some former clients or read testimonials?

We would love you too.  We are the number one Google & Facebook reviewed Wedding Photography & Video Package Company in Ireland. If you google Emd Media Lisburn you will see all the reviews there from real brides and grooms.  Our facebook page reviews can be found at www.facebook.com/emdmedia. – Most of our weddings are referrals from happy customers but for those couples who haven’t been referred these google and facebook reviews are of great value to both us and you as it allows us to track what we are doing and how we can constantly improve.  – Tip:  Why would you ever book a photographer / videographer when they hide their reviews or a photographer proclaiming to be established when there are mysteriously no reviews!

Do we need to provide you with food?

It’s a hungry game!  We would ask that you feed us on the day.  We are there on most cases from 10am until 10pm.  A meal is much appreciated.

Do I need to cover travel costs?

The simple answer is no.  We live on a very small island and we go anywhere with no travel charges.  There is no extra fees.  The price you book your wedding at is the price you pay.  – International Weddings are slightly different & attract an economy return flight fee and a 3 Star hotel accommodation for the night before the wedding and the evening of the wedding.

Will you be the primary photographer on the day?

Yes.  You booked me to do your photos and we will do them.  We don’t farm out work.  On occasion when you would like a second shooter if they are available, we will organise them, but they will be with me and not a substitute for me.

What time will you stay until?

For photographs normally after the first 3 dances.  Unlike many other photographers we believe it is a wedding day and not half a day.  After all your speeches and first dances along with candid photos of your guests deserve a place on your wedding day.  All this is covered in the price. For the video 10am until 10pm on our top of the range package.

How much is a second shooter?

£250 plus a meal.  Second shooter is good for different angles and candid photos of the day.  Our ultimate luxury package comes with 2nd shooter included.

Can we do the family photos after the meal?

We would highly recommend doing all the photos that are needed family wise before the meal.  After the meal folks tend to relax, enjoy the festivities and also check into and freshen up in hotel rooms etc.  This is not the best time to try and get families together.  – Kids are ready for a sleep when their bellies are full and all that ketchup that they have spilled down the front of the flower girls gown along with the chocolate fountain don’t do well in pics!  – On top of this quite often the light and temperature is dropping and they may have to be done inside.  After spending all that money on the venue why not make the use of its lovely grounds earlier in the day with good light etc.

How long will the pictures take to arrive?

During January Feb and March photos normally take between 6 to 7 weeks to arrive.  In the high season of June to October it will take approx. 14 to 18 weeks.  – We take our time and do it right.  We approx. take 1 week to complete each wedding. As a wise man once said…  All good things to those who wait! ( Arthur Guinness ) However many others in the industry are taking 1 year to complete their weddings.  This is not the case with us.

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Will other people be able to take photos while you are?

Yes.  They can happily snap away to their hearts content.  We are able to work with Uncle Bob and Auntie Jane taking pics.   If they get in the way we will get them to stand slightly behind us so that you can concentrate on me and they can get their little pics for snappy snaps!!   Alternatively if you prefer that no one is allowed to take pics of you other than us on the day we can arrange this for you too.  – If this is the case a good idea is to get the celebrant to announce this just before the wedding begins so that everyone knows the score for the day – especially with regards to posting on social media.  Nothing worse that the bride appearing on facebook or Instagram / tiktok before they even get up the aisle.  – When you are coming up and down the aisle nothing looks worse than a series of 12 inch ipads and iphones sticking out into the aisle to catch you entering and leaving.  Your guests can be told by the clergy or ceremony host to keep their iphones and ipads in their pockets.  After all you would rather see you walking up the aisle than that ultra exclusive apple logo!

Do you do same sex marriages?

We believe in LOVE.  We don’t care weather it is man / woman, man/man or woman/woman we will take your pictures and video and have the same respect for everyone regardless of race, religion, sexual orientation or creed!

Do you have back-up equipment?

This is a very important question and one that needs to be answered and expanded!  We have Backups of everything.  – 3 Professional Canon Cameras with backup lenses and 2 card slots in each camera.  This makes sure 2 copies of your images are stored on every click.  4 Sony Professional Camcorders to be sure to be sure.  – 3 Drones because there is nothing worse than a malfunction on a wedding day.

Do I get what I pay for?

As we mentioned previously we are not cheap.  This is what we do for a living and we make sure we do it right.  Equipment costs money.  To have multiple backups costs literally thousands of pounds.  Would you prefer we turned up to your wedding with 1 camera with 200000 shutter clicks on it or a battery that doesn’t keep its charge.  – We know that when we leave a wedding day we have done our very best.  With first class new professional equipment, multiple backups and 15 years of experience in the industry be assured you are getting what you pay for.  – Think of it like this.  Uncle bob charges between £250 and £500 to do a wedding.  Uncle bob probably has a full time job and is using this as a second income.  Our professional camera equipment, and editing facilities alone is worth in the region of £80,000.  How many weddings would uncle Bob have to do in a year? – There are professionals and there are amateurs.  Trust one of the most important days of your life to the professional. – When you book Emd Media you are booking a company that is contactable 24 hours per day.  We reply to facebook and emails / what’s app when we get the message. – Wedding Photography & Videography is not all about the equipment and the photographs…  we are professional people herders spending a lot of our time moving folks into position and rounding up members of the bridal party who have gone AWOL.  – Some times a bride needs to settle her nerves just right before she walks up the aisle.  We will help you with that.  Sometimes members of families need to be photographed separately.  We will already know about that and have it organised before your special day and we will discuss and agree on how to do it in the manner best suited to your needs.  Its all about the little moments that make up the whole of your day.  We have you covered.

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Do you have insurance?

Yes we have Public Indemnity and Public Liability Insurance.  We do however recommend getting your own wedding insurance with good cover.  If Covid 19 has taught us anything it is better to be prepared and covered for all eventualities if weddings are to be postponed or cancelled etc due to circumstances beyond your control. – We also are fully insured to fly drones and have the CAA License to Fly.  If your wedding photographer does not have the license and insurance you are really leaving yourself open if they have an accident and injure someone.  The drone will cut you or any one it hits.  The propellers are travelling at a very high velocity. There is a code of practice which needs to be followed when flying.  In the case of weddings this normally involves flying the done near people and buildings. There are laws & rules which need to be followed.  Absolutely insist on your photographer / videographer having insurance and get them to print it off for you and your venue so you have proof they are covered for your special day.  Remember just because you have a drone, doesn’t mean you know how to fly it!

How much is the deposit and when do you need it by?

Deposit is £200 payable within 7 days of booking.

Will we receive digital copies of all images?

Yes we give you all of the digital images we take on USB.  They will be 100% high quality resolution.  Our logo will not appear on any of the hi res images and you have full control over what you do with them.  You do not have to buy an album with us and we will not try and pressurize you to do so.    We will also supply you with a lo res version for social media which will have our logo on it.  Some photographer only give you low resolution images that will not print or have their watermark on it.  Not EMD.  You get the full hi res quality included with every package.

Do you offer a printing and/or album service?

We do offer a printing and album service.  We offer the finest quality albums available.  Prints can be ordered at any time after you have received your USB.  Just let us know the filename of the photograph you want to print and the size and we will get everything organised for you.

When will we need to make the final payment?

Final payment is due 2 weeks before the wedding takes place.  Be sensible!  If a photographer asks you to pay 100% of your wedding the day you book – I would run a mile!


How can we book, will you keep our date?

Dates are booked on a first come first serve basis.  We cannot hold dates for brides or grooms.  However if you like what you see please get in touch, give us a few dates that you are thinking of and we will let you know availability.  Once you have decided to go with us and you need to see the hotel to confirm a date which we are free we will happily hold the date for you until you have confirmed hotel booking provided with is within 7 days.

These are most of the questions that we get asked.  But if you have any other questions at all please feel free to get in touch.  Email us on emdmedia@icloud.com or whatsapp / call us on 07793149849.



Eddie & Cristina.